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Between 1959 and 1982, Tom Bowen of Geelong, Australia developed a unique kind of Bodywork technique now practiced in his name. 'Bowen Therapy' or the 'Bowen Technique'. He treated work colleagues with small, simple moves whenever they had aches and pains and word soon spread.As a result the treatment may seem somewhat unusual but the results continue to speak volumes for their power and effectiveness.

People are increasingly turning to Bowen Therapy as a way of managing their general wellbeing.


I was recommended Bowen following injury-fractured bones initially, and I returned to it following surgery for a torn knee ligament. On both occasions my response in pain reduction was good, I could reduce the pain killers I was taking. Libby also helped to relieve the associated muscle tension and stiffness in other areas of my body that had also been affected as a consequence of my injuries.

I was surprised to find that additional benefits occured during a relaxing, pleasant experience.

Libby's kind and professional approach focussed on my wellbeing, enabling trust and confidence.

I look forward to returning every couple of months for a 'top up treatment' as part of my commitment to continuing good health. K.A. Devon.

I highly recommend Libby with her therapy as she resolved an issue that had caused me pain and I felt pampered and relaxed after each session. M.C. Devon

Libby has a very calm and understanding manner. She performed miracles on my shoulder which I had damaged several months before and no other treatment had improved. Although I still do not have full movement, I am now able to lift items that I could not attempt before.

She also was able to unblock my sinuses when I had a virus and always leaves me with a good, relaxed feeling. J.M. Devon

I feel a million times better after seeing you for a treatment. S.M.


07880 693 705


Quite simply one of the most straightforward and effective 'hands on' therapies available.

Jane Alexander, Daily Mail

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